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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

“Utterly compelling & original” #bookreview by @ReviewCafe #FlowersForTheDead

“A spine-chilling look into the dark and deviant mind of a serial killer”

Self-confessed book addict Lorraine started her blog The Book Review Cafe in August 2015 – and in a short time it has become a powerhouse of reviews! Her dream job is to one day read and review books full time from home, ideally with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. That sounds like a dream many of us share.

She was kind enough to not only review Flowers For The Dead, and give it a whopping five stars, but also interview me – so you get a double whammy in this blog post! First, let’s here what she said about the book…

“Flowers For the Dead is very different to most of the crime thrillers I have read, mainly because the reader takes a terrifying and spine-chilling look into the dark and deviant mind of a serial killer. Through alternating chapters we learn of Adam’s childhood and the terrible events that have shaped him into the serial killer he is today. I felt a wide spectrum of emotions whilst reading about Adam, he is such a complicated character, in parts I felt over whelming sadness for him and yet at other times I loathed the person he had become. Barbara has managed to capture the essence of a serial killer, which whilst very disturbing kept me gripped to the very last page.

“As Flower For the Dead unfolds we meet Laura, Adams next victim. As he stalks her we learn a lot about Laura…” TO READ THE INTERVIEW AND REVIEW IN FULL, PLEASE CLICK HERE

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