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"This book is one hell of read and totally took my breath away. Seriously, I thought I was going to have an heart-attack.

I loved the fact that it was so twisted and warped and you never knew what Adam was going to do next.This isn't your normal guess who did it book! This is one hell of a white knuckle ride, I was gripped from the start."


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The Haphazardous Hippo

"There are so many reasons why I loved this book I'm not sure where to start. The story is beautifully written, and the way that both characters' backgrounds are slowly revealed is so effortlessly done. Adam's relationship with his gran melted my heart."


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Reviews are an author's lifeblood. Without them, other people don't get to hear about how great a book is. If you love a book, please take a minute to write a quick line on your thoughts. Here's a selection of reviews I have been lucky enough to receive for my books from bloggers and the national press.
The Book Review Cafe

"A terrifying and spine-chilling look into the dark and deviant mind of a serial killer. Adam, he is such a complicated character, in parts I felt over whelming sadness for him and yet at other times I loathed the person he had become. Barbara has managed to capture the essence of a serial killer, which, whilst very disturbing, kept me gripped to the very last page."


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Comfy Reading

"A terrific way to change up the game in a thriller novel."

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Portobello Book Blog

"I was completely enthralled by the storyline and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was scary but believable, tense and gripping. A very cleverly constructed and well plotted story."


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Sunday Mirror

"A chillingly drawn serial killer. Will have you looking over your shoulder and checking under the bed. "Original, gripping and writing with a deep psychological impact."



Real People

"A real rollercoaster of a read. Enthralling, tense and moving all at once."

Nicky Reviews Reads

"Utterly twisted, satisfyingly shocking and brilliantly clever... To come across something unique in a genre that is so massively popular is always a special treat. In this book, Barbara Copperthwaite achieves this feat, she creates a new dimension to a classic theme.

I felt outraged, mystified, shocked and felt a sympathy while getting to know Adam, the most likeable serial killer you will ever meet. Be prepared for the unexpected with this book."


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Damp Pebbles
"This is a stonking read and if you haven’t read it, why haven’t you read it?? You really are missing out!

I adore this book. If I were able to write a book, this is the book I would want to write."


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Being Anne

"There's a small number of books that - in my eyes - set the standard for what I expect when I read a thriller. Barbara Copperthwaite's Flowers For The Dead more than deserves to be included in that company - I found it mesmerising, terrifying, intriguing, very unsettling, totally compulsive and a fantastic read.

This book is so cleverly constructed. Barbara Copperthwaite writes quite beautifully - the words flow easily and the pages turn, and she makes the chilling and dark, the absurd and horrific into easy reading. Without a moment's hesitation, one of my books of the year."


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By The Letter Book Reviews


"Flowers For The Dead is the first book I have read by this author and after reading this one it certainly will not be the last!

Adam Bourne is a serial killer like no other that I have read about.Flowers For The Dead is a very creepy and quite an intense read. Had me right on the edge of my seat."


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Postcard Reviews

"WOW Flowers for the Dead is one of the most terrifying novels you will ever read. As a serial killer Adam is one twisted soul. His knowledge of flowers, a subject he learned from his gran, plays a brilliant part in this fascinating read.

This book is gritty, and is a certain chiller for fans of this genre. It is one I highly recommend and one I thoroughly enjoyed."


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Beady Jan's Books

"Ohh FANTASTIC read! What a chilling and scary look into the mind of a serial killer. 

I really don't think I'll be alone in saying, I was actually rooting for this guy, despite being appalled at his terrible, dreadful, actions.

The most perfectly horrific, moving and twisted story one could possibly imagine, done with the most impeccable panache by talented author Barbara Copperthwaite. Bravo!"


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Katie's Reading Korner

"Where do I even start? Wow! What a great read. You need to put this on your 'to be read list' seriously.

Excellent, excellent read! For an author to make me feel the way I did about such a twisted, sadistic character... I wouldn't have thought it possible for me to actually root for a serial killer. I would have rated this higher than 5 stars if I could! Highly recommended! Go read this.. now!"


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My Chestnut Reading Tree

"Once in a while a book comes along that is so different to anything else that I’ve read it kind of takes my breath away!

[Flowers For The Dead is] one of those that you need to savour and slowly digest to get every last drop of brilliance from it. It’s like a fairy tale of old, when they were gruesome and scary, something not allowed in our politically correct world today!

I don’t think I have ever developed such an emotional attachment to a fictional baddie before. Adam was a classic example of “nurture versus nature”. 

Barbara Copperthwaite has written a character that you feel tremendous sympathy for, more so than his victims and that takes a very clever author!"


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Cleopatra Loves Books

"Rarely have I read a book where I felt so torn between sympathy for both the victims and the perpetrator.

Barbara Copperthwaite is a genius.

You should really read this one, perfect for the winter nights when the wind is howling and the rain is lashing down, and you are safe inside – or are you?"


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