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Reviews are an author's lifeblood. Without them, other people don't get to hear about how great a book is. If you love a book, please take a minute to write a quick line on your thoughts. Here's a selection of reviews I have been lucky enough to receive for THE PERFECT FRIEND from readers, bloggers and the national press.
'Dive in and uncover all of those secrets and when you think you are done just think again.' Carrie's Book Reviews


'On the surface it's a novel about friendship, surviving and learning to live with your own failures. Beneath, it's a seething maelstrom of lies, deceit and corruption that made my head reel.' Beady Jan's Books
'A whole bunch of lying and a whole lot of surprises in this book!' It's All About The Thrill


'A slick, tense and menacing psychological thriller... There is a deep sense of maloevelance that I couldn't shake off. Something bad was going to happen. The tension kept on building and when the final reveal came, it really did shock.
This is a clever and thought provoking read.' Brew and Books Review
'I was truly left reeling after finishing this book. Every time I thought I figured out what was happening with the story, I discovered that I was wrong.' Robin Loves Reading
'This one will mess with your mind... well written, engaging, twisty and surprising' It's All About Books
'I really enjoyed the pacing of this book and how secrets were slowly unraveled chapter by chapter. This helps keep tension throughout the book, which made me want to keep turning the pages. I thought both of the characters were well-developed, and, as someone who has struggled with eating issues, I also felt that the representation of anorexia was accurate and absolutely heartbreaking. If you like a simmering, well-written mystery, this book should definitely be on your shelf!' I Dig Books & Dirt
'Will have you wishing your friends were reading it at the same time so you can compare your thoughts on the many twists and surprises.

The Perfect Friend is an enthralling read' By The Letter Book Reviews 

'Can we give a book 10 ⭐? We don’t do that often but this one totally deserved it!
The absolute best part of this book was being able to bounce ideas and theories off of my book bestie. We are intense readers of this genre and we often guess the major plot twist before the end of the book. Not this one! You know a book is great when you can’t wait to discuss it with others!' Two Girls And A Book Obsession

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