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Reviews are an author's lifeblood. Without them, other people don't get to hear about how great a book is. If you love a book, please take a minute to write a quick line on your thoughts. Here's a selection of reviews I have been lucky enough to receive for my books from bloggers and the national press.
Many Books, Many Lives

"The writing [in Invisible] was brilliant. The way in which the author takes us through every thought and emotion this character feels, without losing the reader or making the entire book any less gripping, is really impressive.

It was really amazing to experience such monumental character development. One of the most in depth and interesting demonstrations of character development and the strength of the human spirit."


Read the review in full here


Real people

"Dark, gripping, twisted - we loved it!"

Postcard Reviews

"This is one book that is totally and utterly convincing. It does make you wonder though, do we really know the person we love?"


Read the review in full here

        Crime Confidential

"This psychological thriller will stay with you for a long time after you've put it down. You immediately feel like you know the central character. By concentrating on just one person's perspective, it is both totally believable and, at times, claustrophobically intense."


"Totally gripping with scarily believable characters, this is one of the most assured debuts of the year."

By The Letter Book Reviews

"Invisible is a quietly brilliant novel. The fact that the storyline was quite unexpected made it even more enjoyable. Loved it.”


Read the review in full here

Being Anne

"All-consuming. I lived and breathed this book for as long as I read it – and in the times I had to put it down, it occupied my every waking thought. The writing is simply excellent – it’s a book you feel and experience at your core through the narrator’s clear and distinctive voice.

"I knew Barbara Copperthwaite wrote superbly, but I really wasn’t expecting this – an absolutely gripping read, and quite unforgettable.”


Read the review in full here

Mrs Bloggs' Books


"This book is my crime fiction novel of the year so far. It’s just outstanding!

”The jaw dropping, totally chilling surprise elements are one of the important factors in the whole story.

"The author handles a very difficult subject with a lot of sensitivity and understanding. The ending brought me to tears."


Read the review in full here

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