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‘Thought-provoking’ #BookReview TATTLE TALE, Sarah J Naughton @SarahJNaughton @BenWillisUK

‘This tale leads the reader along a well-trodden path – but the destination isn’t the one that’s expected.’


Packed with twists and turns, this gripping revenge thriller will make you question whether we can ever really trust the ones we love.

One day changes Jody’s life forever. She has shut herself down, haunted by her memories and unable to trust anyone. But then she meets Abe, the perfect stranger next door and suddenly life seems full of possibility and hope.

One day changes Mags’s life forever. After years of estrangement from her family, Mags receives a shocking phone call. Her brother Abe is in hospital and no-one knows what happened to him. She meets his fiancé Jody, and gradually pieces together the ruins of the life she left behind. But the pieces don’t quite seem to fit…


I liked the writing style, but admit that after the initial rush of ‘what the heck is going on?’ I wasn’t sure I would enjoy Tattletale. I couldn’t make out where it was going or what it was trying to say, and it frustrated me.

Then I reached the tipping point of the story, where little things started to fall into place, and I began to suspect that my frustration was exactly where the author had wanted to lead me. The two…TO READ IN FULL, CLICK HERE

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