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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

“This is a stonking read!”#bookreview by @damppebbles #FlowersForTheDead #BirthdayBlogTo

“I had heard great things so had high expectations.  It met each and every one of them and threw in a little extra for good measure.”

Even as a child Emma, of review blog damppebbles, was passionate about spreading the word on good books.She would take her Sweet Valley Twins books to school and lend them to friends, urging them to read!

Now she’s all grown up, she prefers crime novels over those involving horses and milkshakes – but she’s as keen as ever to spread a little book love. So she started damppebbles. But what’s the story behind the unusual blog name? “If I ever win the lottery I’m opening my own bookshop. A bit like Waterstones but so much better as I’d serve wine!” she explains. Sounds amazing!

After her incredible review for Flowers For The Dead, I’m keener than ever that Emma’s dream come true. She writes…

“This is a stonking read and if you haven’t read it, why haven’t you read it??  You really are missing out!  It’s a clever book as it made me feel things I didn’t necessarily want to feel, such as a fondness for a warped and twisted serial killer.  There aren’t many fictional psychopaths who prompt that kind of emotion in readers.  There aren’t many fictional psychopaths like Adam.

“Adam Bourne is looking for love.  His approach to finding the lady of his dreams differs to his peers though.  Rather than meeting someone in a bar or giving online dating a go, Adam likes to follow a lady home (no matter where that home is, even Inverness isn’t too far for Adam!), break in to her house and… TO READ THE REVIEW IN FULL, CLICK HERE

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