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“Takes my breath away!” 5* review by @jocatrobertson #FlowersForTheDead #BirthdayBlog

“You need to savour and slowly digest to get every last drop of brilliance from it”

My Chestnut Reading Tree is run by the lovely Jo Robertson, who is also a Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon – proof positive that this is a woman who knows her stuff. She is a working mum and nana who loves to spend the little free time she has curled up with copious amounts of tea and chocolate while reading a great crime novel or psychological thriller.

But did she think Flowers For The Dead was great? I’ll leave that to you to decide…

“Once in a while a book comes along that is so different to anything else that I’ve read it kind of takes my breath away!” she wrote. “It has taken me a long time to read this book (kindle problem mainly!) but it’s one of those that you need to savour and slowly digest to get every last drop of brilliance from it. It’s like a fairy tale of old, when they were gruesome and scary, something not allowed in our politically correct world today! And this adult fairy tale certainly didn’t have a happy ending!

“Adam Bourne is a serial killer. We know that from the start, this is no “whodunit”. But Adam is unlike any serial killer you have ever met before. I don’t think I have ever developed such an emotional attachment to a fictional baddie before. I just wanted to reverse the clock for him and change his history as Adam was a classic example of “nurture versus nature” which is a huge interest of mine…” TO READ THE REVIEW IN FULL, CLICK HERE

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