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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

#BirthdayBlogTour BeadyJan’s Books on #FlowersForTheDead

“The most perfectly horrific, moving and twisted story one could possibly imagine”

It’s impossible to read the fabulous review written by Janet, of BeadyJan’s Books, and not be swept away by her enthusiasm for Flowers For The Dead.

Jan is a huge fan of twisty psychological chillers, domestic noir and historical/ dual time dramas, and really knows her stuff. She should – by the time she was three she was already reading books! As an adult, this has translated into a passion for helping readers find great books, and great books find great readers!

With this review, Janet has definitely achieved that. She says of Flowers For The Dead:

“Ohh FANTASTIC read!

“What a chilling and scary look into the mind of a serial killer. In Flowers for the dead, we are taken deep into the psyche of Adam, he is the main protagonist of this killer thriller. There is never any element of who dunnit, we know he did it, we know who he did it to and we are pretty darn sure we know who he’s going to do it to next!

“Given that the other part of the storyline focusses on the life of Laura who has had a really tough time of things, it’s evident that her and Adams paths are going to cross. Laura has lost her entire family in a tragic accident which has left her struggling to cope, when she begins to feel she is being stalked, by of all things someone unknown who is doing kind but scary things in her home and for her, she wonders if she is just plain going bonkers We as reader know who’s doing it, and bit by bit we find out why.

“What this cunning and twisted tale does is reveals Adams past bit by bit and I really don’t think I’ll be alone in saying, I was actually rooting for this guy, despite… TO READ THIS REVIEW IN FULL, CLICK HERE

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