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WEEKLY ROUND UP: The best week of 2016! #books #Bookouture #happydance #amwriting

‘Bookouture snaps up best-selling thriller writer, Barbara Copperthwaite’ read the headline.

If only there were a way of freezing forever the rare perfect moments in life, so that we could revisit them. Instead, I shall have to make do with my memories of this incredible week – but what memories they are! Wow! Being included in the best reads of 2016, having one of my all-time favourite authors (and my writing hero) follow my author page on Facebook, and, oh, that small matter of me being signed by publishers Bookouture!!!!!

First, Emma, of blog DampPebbles, picked Flowers For The Dead as one of her Top Five Reads of the Year during an interview with The Book Review Cafe. Woo hoo!

Then Sunday brought the news that Invisible was one of the Best Books of 2016, according to Beady Jan’s Books. I hit the triple on Monday when Being Anne also chose Invisible for her Books of the Year list.

What a start to the week! I haven’t published anything this year, as I’ve been hiding away in my writing cave, so it makes it all the more special. Bloggers are passionate about finding great books, and they read a lot. I mean a LOT. So to be chosen by them as being among the best is an honour.

On Tuesday, I published my own Top Ten. It was so tough choosing what my favourite books have been! Pop over to the post and see what you think. Elizabeth Haynes did just that – that’s right, THE Elizabeth Haynes, author of Into The Darkest Corner, Human Remains, and so many more fabulous books. It’s an unashamed name drop, I’m afraid! I actually shouted out loud when I saw that she is now following my author page on Facebook. Blimey!


Tuesday night was a very restless one, though. I was as nervous as a child before Christmas, and barely slept a wink because I knew what Wednesday would hold… Finally, something that I had been keeping secret for what seemed like forever was going to be made public. The single most exciting thing to have ever happened to me and I hadn’t been able to talk about it to anyone! But that would all change soon, and my stomach flipped every time I thought about Wednesday at 12.15pm…

Finally, the time arrived:

‘Bookouture snaps up best-selling thriller writer, Barbara Copperthwaite’ read the headline. It made me fill up seeing it. All my hopes and dreams, that I had wanted so much but never dared to imagine would come true, HAD come true. There was the proof in black and white.

I’ve signed a four-book deal with Bookouture, a publisher I have long admired. Its authors include Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza, Tom Bale, and Louise Jensen. It’s unbelievable! But I had better believe it soon, because my first novel will be published in summer 2017, followed by a second in autumn.


To find out more about my and Bookouture’s reaction to my news, click here.

The reaction on social media was incredible. I spent the rest of the day and night replying to people who had congratulated me. The outpouring of happiness was so touching, and I still feel a rosy glow every time I think of it.

The week couldn’t get any better than that. So yesterday it was back to reality, starting the day as usual by sitting in bed at 7am, writing, and trying not to drop toast crumbs on my laptop or my sheets. The glamorous life of an author, eh?

But I’ve got my lovely memories to keep me going, spurring me on to write. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this week the best week of the whole year.


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