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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

WEEKLY ROUND UP: cold weather, hot keyboard, & magic #amwriting #writerslife

“The book decides to add something itself & I am simply the conduit”

I’m starting to think that my mouth and fingers are inextricably linked. I don’t seem to be able to type unless I am eating something. The good news is, the more I eat, the faster I chew; the faster I chew, the faster I type. The bad news is that by the end of my next novel I may explode.

My week has consisted exclusively of typing and eating, as I have hidden away in my writing cave. I’m rushing towards the ending of my second book for Bookouture, putting in some touches I had expected, and having some magical moments where the book decides to add something itself and I am simply the conduit through which it gets put down in black and white.

The weather has helped massively. It’s freezing cold, so I haven’t been tempted to move from my spot in front of the cosy wood-burning stove we have. Bum firmly on seat, I’ve been flying through the words, only distracted when my questing fingers reach out for a biscuit…or two…

The weather has helped me create the right atmosphere for my work in progress, too, which is also set in winter. Looking out of the window had given me all the inspiration I need.

I’m just over a week away from ‘finishing’, I think. The reason why that word is in inverted commas? Because then it will be a question of going straight back to the start and reworking everything I’ve just done. Right now, though, I’m on the exciting journey to the final showdown, hanging onto the novel’s coat tails as it pulls me along. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen!

Have a great weekend x

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