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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

Nature, tailor made for you

On my website, Go Be Wild, promoting a love of nature is always a priority. The photographs I take show a slice of wildlife that I want to share with you – and now you can share with loved ones too, with a Go Be Wild greetings card pack.

Uniquely, for a card service, if you want to discover where exactly the shot was taken, and the story behind it, then read my wildlife blog, which is based in Highbury Park, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

There are also lots of exciting ways through the entire site where you can learn more about the birds, plants, animals, and insects, and how to conserve them. Each picture really is worth a thousand words.

With Go Be Wild greetings cards you can enjoy nature, tailor made for you. You can order packs of five, ten or twenty cards – and the mix of images is entirely up to you.

Go Be Wild greetings cards is a bespoke service that is built around your wants and needs. Whatever photograph YOU want from the entire site is available to have. Just ask, and it will be printed and sent out to you.

What’s more, within the packs you can choose to have any number of one design that you like. For example, each card in a pack of five could be a completely different design. Or you can choose two of one image, and three of another to make up the five. Or three different cards, then double up on one image. Or… There are so many options!

Go Be Wild greetings cards is a fantastic, totally flexible service that puts you completely in charge. The only difficulty? Making up your mind which images you want.

For more information, check out the Go Be Wild website at

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