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CRIME AUTHORS SPILL THEIR GUTS ABOUT WRITING. Every Thursday top-notch authors of psychological thrillers and crime fiction share their writing secrets – and the secrets to their success – with you and me.

“I try to work out why certain books are so good, and then I try to emulate that in my own work. Not copy their ideas, but study their craft”


Tell us about yourself…


My name is Angela and I eat too much chocolate, and I have no plans to change that. Oh, and I’m a writer. My latest crime thriller in the Social Media Murder Series is Watch Me. I spend too much time on social media, and I have no plans to change that…

How long does your first draft take you?

My first draft is very fast and usually quite short – around the 45,000 word mark. It comes out in a fairly swift blast, of barely intelligible story. I won’t go so far as to describe it as prose, it’s more like a stream of consciousness, with dreadful spelling, where I tell myself what happens. I can usually complete it in about 6 weeks. After that the real work starts whipping it into a state where another human could actually read it… TO READ THE INTERVIEW IN FULL, CLICK HERE

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