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Bank Holiday bargain, a book anniversary, endings & beginnings #writerslife #KindleMonthlyDeal

HER LAST SECRET is only 99p – but only for a few more days

If today is anything to go by, it looks as though the Bank Holiday Weekend is going to be a wash out, which means I’ll mostly be inside, reading. If that’s your plan, then you might like to know that HER LAST SECRET is currently only 99p, as part of the Kindle Monthly Deal (which means there’s only a few days left to bag a bargain). Grab your copy here:

So what else is happening? I’m busy pressing refresh on my email every five minutes, while I wait for the proofs of my fifth book to arrive. It’s not long now until I can tell you all about it – and I’m absolutely BURSTING to do that because I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a story. All I can tell you is that my editor says this about it: ‘You are going to LOVE it! Twist upon twist upon twist… *fans self*’

I’m also waiting for approval from my publisher of a couple of ideas for my next book. Until then, I’m doing bits of research…and hitting that refresh button on my email again!

THE DARKEST LIES also had its book birthday last week. It seems like far longer than a year since it came out, as so much has happened since. The two biggest things are that now when someone asks me what I do for a living, I no longer wince when I say I’m an author. The other is dealing with The Fear I’ve spoken about so often before. My nerves aren’t lessening with each new release, but dealing with them is becoming easier as I accept it’s all part of the process. Of course, I say that now, but ask me again when the release of my new book (I’m not even allowed to tell you the title of it yet – argh!) and I probably won’t be able to answer because I’ll be too busy hiding in a corner, rocking gently, and gibbering 😉

Have a fabulous weekend, and happy reading! xx

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