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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

Are YOU a winner? Find out now! #booklove #ThePerfectFriend #HerLastSecret #FlowersForTheDead #summe

Running my giveaways over all social media has become something of a tradition now, done every time I bring a book out. They’re always such fun, but I think this one has been the best yet – and that’s thanks to all of you who entered. Across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and my blog, you’ve come together and entered in your droves. In fact, this competition has had more entrants than any other competition I’ve run!

It’s been lovely to see new people commenting and joining in – and that’s what this is all about: my way of saying thank you to all my readers for their support, and also a chance for us to get to know each other a little. It was particularly interesting hearing which character from any book you’d be, given a chance, as well as getting into brilliant discussions about middle-aged woman as main characters, or giggling over the silly spot the difference. As for your reaction when asked to describe THER PERFECT FRIEND in three words…well, I was blown away by what you said!

FIVE lucky winners have been chosen at random out of the countless entries. Here’s a quick reminder of what I’m giving away:

ONE lucky winner will receive a SIGNED COPY of The Perfect Friend.

TWO lucky winners will receive a SIGNED COPY of Her Last Secret.

ONE lucky winner will receive a SIGNED COPY of Flowers For The Dead.

ONE very lucky winner will have a CHARACTER NAMED AFTER THEM in my next book. *

Winners should contact me by either private messaging me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or sending an email to Anyone named as a winner who has not contacted me by midnight UK time on Monday 13th will lose their prize, and another winner will be chosen in their stead.

* Please note that the character will have your name but will not be based in any way upon you or any person living or dead. Any similarities are coincidence. They may be a good person or a bad person – they could even be a killer. So be prepared! The part they play may be large or small. Entry into the competition is taken as agreement to these conditions. Thank you.


You're all winners!-2

Beth Toale, Jo Robertson, Gillian Lillford, Aisha Ahlaam, and Pia Mortensen CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Have a great weekend xx

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