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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

‘A sense of unease runs through every sentence.’ #bookreview DEITY, by Matt Wesolowski.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Six Stories series, by Matt Wesolowski. I’ve recommended every single book in the series so far… and Deity is no different.

As ever, it’s told in the form of a podcast, as main character Scott King interviews various people in order to gain six perspectives on old crimes; ones which often have a slightly supernatural feel. This time Scott is delving into the mysterious death of a pop superstar who has been accused of molesting young teenage fans. 

There’s a constant creeping threat in this book; a sense of unease runs through every sentence. This is a fascinating and intelligent look at the #metoo movement, it’s impact, and the dichotomy of the vulnerability and power of fame.

Highly recommended!


A shamed pop star A devastating fire Six witnesses Six stories Which one is true?

When pop megastar Zach Crystal dies in a fire at his remote mansion, his mysterious demise rips open the bitter divide between those who adored his music and his endless charity work, and those who viewed him as a despicable predator, who manipulated and abused young and vulnerable girls.

Online journalist, Scott King, whose Six Stories podcasts have become an internet sensation, investigates the accusations of sexual abuse and murder that were levelled at Crystal before he died. But as Scott begins to ask questions and rake over old graves, some startling inconsistencies emerge: Was the fire at Crystal’s remote home really an accident? Are reports of a haunting really true? Why was he never officially charged?

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