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Review: CROSS HER HEART, Sarah Pinborough

Cross Her Heart, by Sarah Pinborough. Review by Barbara Copperthwaite


Lisa. Ava. Marilyn.

Three women, three secrets and a hidden past that could destroy them all.


Winning the award for possibly the shortest reader description in history, but personally I think it’s an inspired idea as this is a book best gone into cold with no expectations. You don’t know the storyline, you don’t know what is coming, instead you dive in and…boom.

Pinborough’s last book was much talked about because of the controversial turn it took; this is a much more traditional psychological thriller, but even so, don’t think that you know what lies ahead of you. Take nothing for granted. Each new reveal of information is like being slapped in the face by an icy wave that takes your breath away. You’re left feeling out of your depth, with no clue of which way land is, metaphorically speaking – more literally, it means you don’t know where the book is heading.

The storyline is often uncomfortable and tough to read, in that it deals with some subjects that will turn a lot of readers off, but which I found were handled intriguingly, with emotional depth, and ultimately intelligently. It’s certainly uncompromising.

Cross Her Heart is plotted to perfection, the reader is led this way and that as the author masterfully toys with expectations, then turns them on their heads not once but many times over. But be prepared, because this book is darker than a blackhole, and will suck you in just as effectively.

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