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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

Review: WHITE CROCODILE, K.T. Medina

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"A vividly-written, atmospheric nail-biter!"


When emotionally damaged mine-clearer Tess Hardy travels to Cambodia to find out the truth behind her ex-husband's death, she doesn't know much about the country or its beliefs.

On arrival, she finds that teenage mothers are going missing, while others are being found mutilated and murdered. As local superstitions breed fear, Tess is drawn into a web of lies that stretches from Cambodia to another murder in England, and a violent secret twenty years old.


Escape August's surprisingly autumnal chill by immersing yourself in the searing heat of Cambodia, in this fascinating and fast-paced tale of teenage mothers being murdered and mutilated.

British explosive expert Tess goes to Cambodia to help clear minefields – but also to discover what happened to her violent ex, Luke, who called her one night saying he was scared, then disappeared…

An intense web of secrets and lies are expertly woven, as Tess gets closer to solving not just what happened to her ex, but also whether the mythical White Crocodile is really bringing death to young mothers. Or if there is actually a sick serial killer on the loose.

Author Medina's time spent in the Territorial Army as a weapons expert lends the novel gritty realism, as does her degree in psychology, which means characters come across as utterly believable in their flaws.

With twists and turns coming at you from every direction, you won’t be able to put this tale down. It’s a vividly-written, atmospheric nail-biter!


Faber & Faber, Paperback £12.99, ebook £7.99


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