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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

“Without a doubt fan-flipping-tastic” #Bookreview #Invisible #crime @ChellesBookRevi

“Without a doubt fan-flipping-tastic.” 

I’m absolutely blown away by the fabulous review Chelle’s Book Reviews has given Invisible. 

“I actually think it is as good as Flowers For the Dead if not better! I have to say this is a totally different novel. From the story line to how its written, but I loved everything about it. It is without a doubt fan-flipping-tastic,” she begins.

Well, with a beginning like that, who wouldn’t be pleased with this review. And I’ll let you into a secret…it gets even better, with Invisible being described as “a must read for psychological thriller fans”! To read all the lovely things she has written, pop over to Chelle’s Book Reviews.

Invisible was my debut, and still means so much to me.  Thank you, Shell!

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