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Wishing away the weekend

It’s not often I find myself wishing away the weekend, but that’s just what is happening right now. I’m so excited about Flowers For The Dead being published on Monday! Come on, weekend, get out of the way!

Although I’ll have to do some work, I do have a couple of things to look forward to on Saturday and Sunday that should make the time go faster. I’m going on a wildlife walk today, which will be lovely. And…in a little treat to celebrate the upcoming publication of Flowers For The Dead (sorry, I know I can’t stop going on about it!) my first book, Invisible, is on special offer of $1.53 in the US or 99p in the UK, so be sure to check it out. Hurry, the offer runs out in five days time!

On Sunday I’ll be relaxing and baking a cake – yum! I can’t decide what kind though; do you have any recommendations? Let me know your favourites (come on, who doesn’t want to talk cakes. I’m a massive fan of Lemon Drizzle, personally).

What’s more, the Sunday Mirror will be reviewing Flowers for the Dead, so fingers crossed for a great review. Keep your eyes peeled for it! Have a great weekend, everyone

I know what I'm wishing for!

I know what I’m wishing for!

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