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WIN! Celebration giveaway for THE PERFECT FRIEND #ThePerfectFriend #suspense #beachreads #SummerRea


Would you like to win a prize? Of course you would! Do you have a fabulous friendship you’d like to celebrate? Then tell me all about it!

I’m celebrating the publication of my latest psychological thriller, THE PERFECT FRIEND. It hit Number 1 on Kobo, and is currently sitting in the Top 40 on Amazon UK, and Top 100 on Amazon US. And what sort of celebration would it be without something for the people who have made all this possible – YOU!

The prize? I’m giving away two gorgeous friendship bracelets – one for the person who is nominated, one for the person who does the nominating. Both bracelets are engraved with the words ‘The Perfect Friend’.


For your chance to win, simply tell me about your incredible friend. The tales can be funny, heart-breaking, silly, sweet, long or short – whatever you choose, I’d love to hear about who is your perfect friend and what makes them so special.

You can enter either by commenting here, on my Facebook page, or Twitter. If you SHARE this post on Facebook or Twitter you get an EXTRA entry!

To kickstart the competition, I’ve got some incredible authors to share their tales of special friendship…

Emma Tallon, author of Runaway Girl


My perfect friend is my best friend Holly. She’s a crazy, fun-filled whirlwind – but when the chips are down she’s the one that’s always there. I had the worst breakup ever a few years ago, which totally broke me. I went into a really bad place. She was spending a year in Australia at the time and hadn’t been around for months, but every single day I woke up to messages and every night she FaceTimed me for about an hour, trying to help me get back up and into life again. She sent inspirational cards and little gifts and rallied our other friends, asking them to take turns visiting me. She never missed one day, despite being the other side of the world and busy working and travelling. I’ve loads of other stories of the times she’s been my rock, but thought I’d share that one. She’s my perfect friend, through thick and thin. Xx

Vikki Patis


I lived in Plymouth while I was at university, and made some really good friends. When I moved back to Hertfordshire to be with my now husband and to find work, I had no money and my old banger of a car had died, so I couldn’t get back down to visit my friends. On my birthday that year, my two friends travelled all the way up from Cornwall to spend a few days with me, stayed in a crappy hotel, and then arranged for another of our uni friends to meet us for breakfast as a surprise. It was such a lovely gesture. None of them had much money either, having recently graduated, but they came all the way up to see me. Just goes to show that distance means nothing when it comes to true friendship!

Sheryl Browne, author of The Babysitter


OK, but this is a real weepy – and not something I’ve shared before. Big breath. When my second baby passed away, I had no money. I was working nights and looking after my son during the day. My mum, who was agoraphobic found her way to my house (with my nephew who is just two years younger than me and a wheelchair user). They’d come to tell me they would pay for the funeral. I have a lump in my throat thinking about that. I think it’s safe to say, my mum, even with a large family, was there for me. My best friend ever. Sorry, if I made you tearful! 😘

SE Lynes, author of The Pact


My best mate from Uni is someone who has always there for me and I for her. In our long friendship, we have had periods of distance, lived in different countries, been through our own ups and downs. But my main story is that once when we were very drunk – this is going back 25 years or so – we were drunk enough to buy a burger each from a dodgy van on Tottenham Court Road. We were walking along eating them when someone knocked into me and the burger flew out of my hands and into the road. At which point my bezzie laughed her head off while somehow stuffing her remaining burger into her mouth so that she didn’t have to share it with me. 25 years later we still laugh about that. I am actually laughing typing this. I’d love to say she then got food poisoning but alas, she was fine.

Aren’t they wonderful stories of friendship? Now, let me know yours! Don’t forget, sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter gains you an extra entry into the prize drawer.

All entries will be put into a prize draw, and the winner chosen at random. The competition closes on Sunday 15 July at midnight (UK time), and the winner will be announced on Monday 16 July. **



She’ll do anything for you…

My name is Alex, and my world has been shattered. My husband has left me. My children won’t speak to me. My friend Carrie is the only person I have. She’s the only one I can trust to keep all my secrets. She’d never do anything to let me down. Would she?

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