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WEEKLY ROUND UP: What a whirl!

01 INSIDE CRIME 2 cover

The latest issue of Chat’s Inside Crime is out now

“Just imagine a bunch of book lovers crammed into a room together”

After weeks of barely communicating with people, my mind well and truly absorbed in the book I’m currently writing, suddenly this week has been a whirl of activity!

First of all, there was the wonderful Live Author Chat hosted by Facebook’s Crime Book Club. Apparently, there were more questions asked than EVER seen before. It was such great fun, and I loved every minute of it.

On Thursday, the latest issue of Chat’s Inside Crime hit the shelves, once again featuring my reviews. The mag is crammed with stories of incredible real life crime, so I shall definitely be reading that this weekend!


Shell Baker, Tom Bale, and me at the author/book blogger event

Yesterday was another author event. This time I was in Birmingham at an author/book blogger meet up. These are turning into regular events organised by Kim Nash, and are hugely popular. Just imagine a bunch of book lovers (almost 100) crammed into a room together, able to chat about the thing they are most passionate about in the world! I got to see so many wonderful people, including Shell Baker, Kim Nash, Tom Bale, John Bowen, Christie Barlow, Robin Roughley, Sarah Hardy, David Videcette, Joanne Robertson, Anne Williams, Linda Hill, and so many others.

Phew! After all of that, I’m ready for a nice, quiet Sunday. The sun is shining, so I’m going to go for a long walk with Scamp…but not before I’ve had a cheeky lie in and done a spot of reading.

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