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WEEKLY ROUND UP:Routines & Red Herrings


There is just over a month to go until I have to hand over my current work-in-progress to my editor, so I am entering the feverish stage of writing. It is a frantic, breathless, slightly out-of-control feeling, as I pull story strands together, make characters work a bit harder, ensure plots make sense, and nail that ending – because without a good ending what is the point of a good book?

There is still so much to do. Layers of tension and atmosphere must be added, sights, sounds, smells, mannerisms, red herrings… Hard work, but what fun!

This will become the second book to be published by Bookouture…and while finishing this off, I’ve also been given the structural edits for my first book with Bookouture. It’s a busy old time!

Next week, I’ll also be getting back into my old blogging routine, after a month off. Keep your eyes peeled for Blood Type, because I’ve got some incredible people lined up for you, including Sarah Hilary (Quieter Than Killing, Someone Else’s Skin, No Other Darkness, Tastes Like Fear), David Young (Stasi Child and Stasi Wolf), and Daniel Cole (whose debut novel Ragdoll is out on 23 Feb and EVERYONE is talking about it – look out for my review of it on Tuesday).

A new section is also being launched, where authors share photographs of what has inspired them. The fabulous Sarah Ward (In Bitter Chill and A Deadly Thaw) will be kicking that off on Friday. It’s really fascinating to see the visuals that spark a hundred thousand words.

With that in mind…I’d better get back to work!

Have a great weekend, everyone x

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