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WEEKLY ROUND UP: Reviews, interviews, & finding my mojo!

“Hmm, ‘incredibly talented authors’, now there’s a segue…!”

A brilliant week! It has ended on such a high – but first let me tell you about how it kicked off.

On Sunday, I was interviewed by the very lovely Nicky Doherty, who (along with Julie Blackie) is one half of the writing duo who make up Nicky Black – authors of The Prodigal. The results can be seen here.

Next up, on Monday, I got two INCREDIBLE reviews from bloggers, one for Invisible (from By The Letter Book Reviews), and one for Flowers For The Dead (from My Chestnut Reading Tree), as well as a couple of great Amazon reviews for them, too (I really, really love it when readers leave a review as you are the ones who buy the books).

Tuesday saw me do a double review for the first time: Sarah Ward’s fabulous detective series kicked off with In Bitter Chill last year, and 1 September will see the publication of the follow up, A Deadly Thaw. I loved both of them – and didn’t realise until after I’d posted that mine is the VERY FIRST review A Deadly Thaw has received. How cool is that? And what a privilege! (Read the reviews here for In Bitter Chill and A Deadly Thaw)

The wonderful A.J. Waines featured on Blood Type, on Thursday, and gave some brilliant tips for writers, as well as amazing insight into her books. I don’t know about you, but I’m really enjoying this series, and feel as if I’m really getting to know some incredibly talented authors.

Hmm, ‘incredibly talented authors’, now there’s a segue…! Because my next exciting news (well, exciting to me!) is that yesterday, I bashed out the opening scene of my next book because inspiration wouldn’t wait! It was a great confirmation that my writing mojo is back, after several months of struggling with ill health that has also impacted on my creativity. Now I just have to finish Dying Light!

DYING LIGHT is really coming on now, too. I’ll soon be in a position to post a the opening lines of it, to whet your appetite. But there’s been some random Googling involved as I’ve written this week:

sunrise and sunset times Tupperware cloche The impact of cold on brain injuries…

Ha! Puzzle on that lot while enjoying your lovely long weekend. Happy Bank Holiday, everyone! x

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