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Weekly round-up: Chats, quotes & new killers! #amwriting #crime

“When someone of that calibre says my writing is good it spurs me on to keep going”

What a week it’s been! On Saturday I attended a fabulous author/blogger meet up, organised by Kim Nash, of Kim The Bookworm, and author Holly Martin. They are always such fun! A writer’s life can be a little isolated sometimes. We shut ourselves away and write furiously about all kinds of people and happenings, spend time on social media ‘chatting’ to people, but the chance to actually talk to people in the industry can be limited. These meet ups are always such fun because we can all chat about our favourite books and catch up on the world of words.


On Sunday, I kickstarted the #BirthdayBlogTour to celebrate a year since Flowers For The Dead was published. It’s been wonderful to see how everyone has got behind the event! I was absolutely flabbergasted when B.A. Paris saw the tweets and replied to one. What did she say? Well, only that she loved my book! Wow!

Let me fill you in, just in case you don’t know who B.A. Paris is. She is the author of one of the biggest selling crime books of the last 12 months: Behind Closed Doors. And she loved Flowers For The Dead. Eek!

behind closed doors.jpg

“I thought it was great, brilliantly original and addictive. Loved the chapters named after flowers, very clever,” she tweeted, after sending another to me that said she “Loved it!”

Yay! When someone of that calibre says my writing is good it spurs me on to keep going. Which brings me neatly to the rest of my week, which has been writing, writing, writing. Detective Sergeant Mike Bishop’s new adventure is taking shape. I’ve been getting to know a whole new killer, and discovering what makes them tick. The more words I write, the more they reveal about themselves, and I’m loving every minute of it.

  1. Photos courtesy of Steven Hayward and Abigail Osbourne

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