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WEEKLY ROUND UP: Audiobooks & honours

“A book does not just belong to the author, but also the reader”

A very unexpected bonus at the start of this week – I got to choose a narrator for an audio book version of my upcoming novel. I’m so excited! It was really strange (in a good way!) to hear three people reading excerpts of my work, each putting a slightly different emphasis on words and tension. It also helped bring home to me just how different each reader’s experience is, as my words come alive in their heads – a book does not just belong to the author, but also the reader, who gives it their own spin. That is possibly one of the hardest things for authors to accept – that once their words are out there in the big wide world, they are no longer their own, but belong to others to put their own interpretation on.

But I digress. Hearing the narration coming alive was such an incredible experience. I found it really tough to decide who my favourite was, as each reader had things I loved about their performance.

In the end, one woman just edged it though, Alison Campbell. She has narrated a number of novels, including for Angela Marsons and Casey Kelleher, and often wins high praise from listeners for her skill.

This is another step closer to my dreams coming true. I’m still in ‘pinch me’ mode, not feeling as though it can really be happening.

The week ended in lovely fashion, too. Yesterday The Book Review Café published their Top Five standalone crime thrillers. There were some incredible books on there – including Flowers For The Dead. It was a real honour to be chosen, and a fabulous high note on which to end the week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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