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Bestseller 'Flowers For The Dead' by Barbara Copperthwaite

“Dark, twisted and brilliant. I loved it”

There I was, idly whiling away some time on Twitter yesterday, when a book review caught my eye. It was for my book, Flowers For The Dead! So, of course, I investigated…and that’s how I came across the gorgeously-named blog The Book Lover’s Boudoir.

It’s hard to explain what a massive thrill it is to discover someone has read my book and been moved to review it. To hear that they love it. Writers tend to work in a bubble of isolation, and that’s where fear and doubt can seep in and nibble away at our confidence. ‘What if no one buys my book? What if people buy it but hate it? What if they don’t even hate it, they simply move on because it is so forgettable? What if I’m no good? What if…’ Well, you get the picture.

So to come across a blog review is a wonderful treat – and luckily, The Book Lover’s Boudoir enjoyed my book. Hurray!

“Flowers for the Dead is dark, twisted and brilliant. I loved it,” the review begins. “Adam is unlike any serial killer I’ve read about and I’ve read about hundreds of them. He’s a new kind of twisted.”

Adding that she was “enthralled from page one”, The Book Lover’s Boudoir adds that they particularly enjoyed the sections from Adam’s point of view. “This added a lot of depth to the book and made it even more unsettling.”

The review concluded: “I loved this book and definitely want to read more by this author. I can’t recommend Flowers for the Dead enough.”

I want to thank The Book Lover’s Boudoir for taking the time to buy, read, and review my book. It’s very kind of them. To read the review in full, click here.

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