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The waiting begins…

There are two lovely pieces of book news today! Firstly, yesterday The Girl In The Missing Poster went onto NetGalley, where book bloggers, magazine and newspaper reviewers and the like can now request it for early reviews. This is the nerve-racking, hold-your-breath moment when I get an idea of how the book will be received, so I’m keeping everything crossed that I’ve done a good job with the plotting, pacing, characterisation, world building…and trying to quell the nerves, and get some sleep.

What has buoyed me up is that another of my books, Flowers For The Dead, has been chosen as a favourite read of 2020! I’m so, so happy that the story of Adam, Laura and Mike, three people dealing with grief in very different ways, has resonated with readers, and can’t thank Nicki’s Life of Crime blog enough for including Flowers For The Dead among other incredible books.

She says of it: ‘As with all of Barbara Copperthwaite’s thrillers this is a very well written, intense, dark, chilling and thought provoking read. The story was quite disturbing at times and the plot covered some hard hitting but realistic issues and I think that it would raise some interesting and controversial discussions if it was read by a book group.’ To read the list in full, click here.

This wonderful news has, I have to admit, given me the boost I needed while I wait for reaction to The Girl In The Missing poster.

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