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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

The first blogger review for THE PERFECT FRIEND has been published! via @about_thethrill

‘A whole bunch of lying & a whole lot of surprises!’

The first blog posted their review of THE PERFECT FRIEND. What did they have to say? Well, I’m very relieved to report that they loved it – giving it a fabulous FIVE STARS!

‘A whole bunch of lying and a whole lot of surprises in this book!’ writes It’s All About The Thrill.

I love that, as an emergency nurse, she appreciated how accurate my depiction of certain characters was.

She reveals: ‘Being an Emergency Room nurse myself, I deal with people going through major life events and I get to see how they cope with it. I felt the author really captured how people that are so consumed with anorexia function. Alex had to lie to cover up more lies. It was a way of life for her.’


So just who is behind It’s All About The Thrill. In the ‘About’ section of her blog, reviewer Kim reveals she ‘loves to read a good thriller. Just a little something to keep the adrenaline going while I am not at work.’

She adds: ‘I have been writing reviews on Goodreads and NetGalley for a while now and creating a blog seemed liked the natural progression. My goal is to connect with other readers that share my love of books. I want to share with others my thoughts on my favorite books and authors.’

So what makes the perfect read for Kim (although there’s a pretty obvious clue in the name of her blog!).

‘My favorite type of author is able to pull you into their story and then throw a twist in that leaves you shocked and wanting more!’

I’m so proud that THE PERFECT FRIEND has achieved just that. To read the review in full on It’s All About The Thrill, click here.

THE PERFECT FRIEND is published on 5 July

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