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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

The end (of my book) is nigh! #amwriting #crimefiction #writerslife

“That conveys to the reader and they feel that same sense of urgency”

This morning so far I’ve managed to open the curtains and discover five or six inches of snow that fell in the night, light my fire (it’s a lovely stove that is going beautifully now and it’s so cosy) and I’ve also been out to feed the birds. Sparrow, wren, and thrush have visited thus far, and the pair of wood pigeons won’t be far behind them. It’s so lovely to see them taking the water and eating the seeds and fat, then hiding in the hedge, fluffed up against the cold.

Looking out across my tiny garden is such a joy as I’m writing – and right now I’m writing like a demon. I’ve reached that fabulous tipping point in the tale, when momentum really gathers, so that I’m rushing towards the end and can’t wait to reach it. If I feel like that as a writer, then hopefully that conveys to the reader and they feel that same sense of urgency as they’re reading story. This is the stage that is hard for me to put down; and as I don’t like to take a day off I plan on working through this weekend. What are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is, stay safe, stay warm and keep reading! x

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