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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

The decade that changed my life #writingcommunity #writerslife #Thursdaythoughts #EndoftheDecade #20

Where were you ten years ago? The end of 2019 also closes a decade, so inevitably it’s made me peer into my past. Looking back on the last ten years feels like flipping through a book of my life. What pages fall open?

  1. Gambling on leaving a well-established career in magazine journalism to become an author definitely wasn’t in my plans ten years ago – but became a dream come true six years ago.

  2. The huge learning curve of self-publishing my first two books and seeing their success build – hitting Amazon UK’s top 100 for the first time was amazing!

  3. Making so many new friends in the book world, from bloggers to fellow authors.

  4. Being signed by my publisher, Bookouture, and becoming part of a group of incredible authors who are all so supportive of one another.

  5. Hitting number 1 on Amazon and Kobo, and also becoming a USA Today bestseller.

Of course there have been low points: having to accept I’ll never have children, developing chronic fatigue syndrome which has hit me hard, losing loved ones… But everyone’s stories have lows as well as highs, and when I look back my abiding thoughts about this decade are that I’m happier and more at peace now than I’ve ever been.

It’s exciting, too, to think of what the next ten years may bring, especially as at the start of the last decade I had no clue of the excitement ahead of me, or what form it would take. Will I have had more bestsellers? Will I still be writing at all? Will I be driving a flying car, like someone from Back to the Future II!

So what stands out most for you when you look back over the last ten years?

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