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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

Slow-burning & blistering #Bookreview MY SISTER’S BONES @NualaWrites @VikingBooksUK

A tense, slow-burning tale that has a blistering end.


If you can’t trust your sister, then who can you trust?

Kate Rafter has spent her life running from her past. But when her mother dies, she’s forced to return to Herne Bay – a place her sister Sally never left.

But something isn’t right in the old family home. On her first night Kate is woken by terrifying screams. And then she sees a shadowy figure in the garden…

Who is crying for help? What does it have to do with Kate’s past? And why does no one – not even her sister – believe her?


My Sister’s Bones is cleverly woven, and features a journalist struggling with PTSD after covering several reporting stints in Syria – which makes it very relevant to today. At a time when journalists are under more and more pressure to come up with stories as quickly as possible, often while placing themselves in danger, and for little monetary reward (and with people screaming ‘fake news’ at the them) it’s refreshing to see such… TO READ IN FULL, CLICK HERE

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