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Bestselling domestic noir thriller Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite

“A totally raw and uncensored account… Just captivating” Invisible is praised by Many Books, Many Lives

So when I see a review where the reader has understood all the nuances, it makes me want to dance with glee. Abbie Osborne, of the gorgeous blog Many Books, Many Lives, has made me want to spin, leap, and basically put Darcy Bussell to shame with what she has written about INVISIBLE.

“When I finished this book I was seriously impressed. It was such a powerful psychological thriller,” she writes. “There was so much that I liked about this book. The writing was brilliant. The way in which the author takes us through every thought and emotion this character feels without losing the reader or making the entire book any less gripping is really impressive. The epistolary form was a perfect way for us to be able see a totally raw and uncensored account.”

Abbie also praises the way that the main character changes as the story progresses. “It was really amazing to experience such monumental character development,” she writes. “It was an amazing journey to take with her. [Invisible is] One of the most in depth and interesting demonstrations of character development, and the strength of the human spirit.”

Finally, she adds that this “unique disection of the consequences of violent crimes” is “a definite must read for psychological thriller lovers. It has a powerful message and fantastic characters. I’m really looking forward to reading more work from this author.”

To read the review in full, visit Many Books, Many Lives, by clicking here.

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