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As Flowers For The Dead enters its ninth week on general publication, it also celebrates the start of its ninth week as a best seller. And with each passing week, the psychological crime thriller gains more fans – and more praise from critics, too.

Postcard Reviews gave it five stars, and says: “WOW Flowers for the Dead is one of the most terrifying novels you will ever read.

“This book is gritty and is a certain chiller for fans of this genre. It is one I highly recommend and one I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Beady Jan’s Books is even more full of praise, saying the tale moved her to tears. After giving it a resounding thumbs up, Jan concludes that she “loved this book”.

“[Flowers For The Dead is] the most perfectly horrific, moving and twisted story one could possibly imagine, done with the most impeccable panache by talented author Barbara Copperthwaite. Bravo!” she writes.

Flowers For The Dead is currently Number 36, 37, and 40 in Psychological Thrillers; Psychological Fiction; and Murder. So go on, check it out, and see what all the fuss is about!

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In other review news, I’ve been busy taking a break from reading crime fiction, and reviewing  Before The Fall, by Juliet West. It’s a compelling tale of love, poverty and yearning, and I thoroughly recommend it. To read my review in full, click here

Before The Fall, Juliet West, review by Barbara Copperthwaite
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