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Read an exclusive excerpt of The Darkest Lies #crimefiction #thriller @bookouture

‘I thought I’d be naughty and give you an exclusive sneak peek inside The Darkest Lies…’

Eek! The publication day for THE DARKEST LIES is edging closer!

I honestly can’t wait to share it with everyone – so I thought I’d be naughty and give you an exclusive little sneak peek inside, right now. So go on, read on, and discover why Nicki’s Life of Crime describes The Darkest Lies as a ‘twist-packed thriller’.

She adds: ‘OMG, what a totally unexpected ending, absolutely jaw dropping, I didn’t see that coming.’


The cry for help is ragged and desperate, the voice hitching. There is no one to hear it.

A moon hangs so fat it oozes an aura into the sky that almost blots out the stars surrounding it. It looks down on land as flat as an open palm, and as unforgiving as a clenched fist, and gives no answer to the screams of fear and rage that float up to it.

This is the wind’s playground. It races across the North Sea and hits the land full force. There is nothing to slow it; no hills, few trees or hedges here on land reclaimed from the water to create the marshes and fertile flats of Lincolnshire. It screams ecstatically, punching the handful of houses it comes across, revelling in its unfettered freedom as it rattles windows. On its journey it picks up the entreaties for help that are echoing into the sky. Hurls them across the landscape, as gleeful as a toddler with a toy.

‘Help me! Please! Help!’

There is no one to catch the words.

No one, except a lone figure, turning, walking away towards lights in the far-off distance.

A mother desperate for the truth. A daughter hiding a terrible secret.

Melanie Oak appeared to have the perfect life. Married to her childhood sweetheart, Jacob, the couple live with their beautiful, loving, teenage daughter, Beth, in a pretty village.

Nothing can shake her happiness – until the day that Beth goes missing and is discovered beaten almost to the point of death, her broken body lying in a freezing creek on the marshes near their home.

Consumed with grief, Melanie is determined to find her daughter’s attacker. Someone in the village must have seen something. Why won’t they talk?

As Melanie tries to piece together what happened to Beth, she discovers that her innocent teenager has been harbouring some dark secrets of her own. The truth may lie closer to home and put Melanie’s life in terrible danger…

  1. The Darkest Lies, my new psychological thriller, is published on 12 May – and available for pre-order now for just 99p.

  2. UK

  1. US

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