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Publication day, intrigue & cover love #writerslife #HerLastSecret

‘A swirling mass of intrigue designed to screw with the readers’ head’

Publication day, eh? How can I best describe it? Rollercoaster? Blur? Whirlwind? They don’t really come close to summing up the joy and terror of it, so I’m going to steal a fabulous description from someone who reviewed HER LAST SECRET.

‘It’s like waiting to be hit by a train, only to find it’s being driven by a fire-breathing dragon, and followed by a handful of armoured tanks!’ Beady Jan’s Books wrote, in a frankly incredible 5* review of the book.

I think she’s also summed up publication day for me. It was such an incredible day, full of congratulation messages and obsessive checking of Amazon ranks. By the end of it I was tired, happy, and felt exactly as if I’d been hit by a train driven by a fire-breathing dragon, followed by a handful of armoured tanks…in a good way. A very good way, when it includes receiving a lovely bunch of flowers from my publisher, Bookouture.



I’ve absolutely got to give a huge shout out to the bloggers who have got behind Her Last Secret so enthusiastically. I’ll be sharing their reviews over the coming days, because they are simply too stunning for me not to. So far, over the last few days, I’ve been likened to Ruth Rendell, Agatha Christie, and, er, genital herpes, because I’m everywhere at the moment!

Thanks in no small part to them, Her Last Secret is sitting at Number 10 in Amazon’s Hot New Psychological Thrillers Releases. Speaking of hot, it’s also a #HotBook in Facebook’s THE Book Club.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 15.27.18

JUST 99p!

To celebrate all this good news, Her Last Secret is currently just 99p (click here to find out more). For less than a cup of coffee or a soggy sandwich, you can read the book that bloggers are calling: ‘a swirling mass of intrigue designed to screw with the readers’ head.’ And who wouldn’t want that? Need another reason? How about so you can join in the discussion with A Haven For Books, who wrote: ‘I want everyone to read this book so that we can discuss how crazy and brilliant the final twist is.’

Every single one of the reviewers who took part in my blog tour were fabulous, and there are many more who have given Her Last Secret incredible reviews, too. As I mentioned, I’ll be linking to all your reviews over the coming days.

Her Last Secret - Blog Tour.jpg


On a final note… While the focus has been on Her Last Secret, behind the scenes FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, which is now two years old, has received a bit of a spruce up. What do you think of the cover? I may be biased, but I have to say, I love it!

Flowers for the dead kindle idea16 02.jpg

Thank you for stopping by! x

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