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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

PhotoFiction: S.D. Syke shares #writing inspirations @SD_Sykes @HodderBooks #authorinterview

Authors reveal the images that inspired 100,000 words

THIS WEEK: S.D. Sykes reveals how an innocuous book on birds led to murder…


S.D Sykes writes historical crime fiction set in the fourteenth century, following the exploits of the young detective Oswald de Lacy. Her second novel ‘The Butcher Bird’ was picked by the New York Times as one of the ten best crime novels of 2016. Her third book in the series, ‘City of Masks’ is published by Hodder and Stoughton in Summer 2017 and is available for pre-order now. She lives in Kent with her husband and family.


S.D. SYKES SAYS: “It’s often said that writers are magpies, gathering together a whole collection of shiny bits and pieces for future use – whether they be overheard conversations, a small and personal object, newspaper cuttings or even a particular smell, and I’m no different. In fact, I have a whole host of oddities stored away in my memory, small notebooks or untidy drawers. Most of these little pieces of inspiration will never be useful, whereas I’ve known for a very long time that I would write about a butcher bird…TO CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

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