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PhotoFiction: Robert Crouch shares #writing inspirations @robertcrouchuk #authorinterview

Authors reveal the images that inspired 100,000 words

THIS WEEK: Robert Crouch reveals how he one day spotted something very different about a house he walked past every day – and that changed his life…

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East Dean 06


Sometimes, you can’t see for looking. For years I visited East Dean village, which nestles among the rolling hills of the South Downs. Most of these visits related to my work as an environmental health officer, inspecting the kitchens of the Tiger Inn, or one of the restaurants that overlooked the village green.

​With the magnificent chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters only a mile away, most of my walking took me along the coast. Here, while the wind whipped across the Downs, I imagined life and death battles on the edge of the cliffs between the good guys and the bad…TO READ IN FULL, CLICK HERE

#PhotoFiction #RobertCrouch

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