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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

New Street Authors’ Group


Finally got round to posting a photo from the launch of last week’s New Street Authors’ Group, in Birmingham last week!

It was a great night, I met lots of fellow independent authors and people interested in the industry, and the local news filmed everything. The evening also saw the launch of Andy Conway’s latest book, Buried In Time.

This is me on stage, during the panel discussion about what it is like to be an independently published author. The truth is, its hard work, scary, and absolutely brilliant! But I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it unless they are prepared to get involved with every aspect of their book, from editing to typography, from covers to marketing – either that, or you are prepared to pay others to do it for you, which could cost a lot.

For me, though, it is deeply satisfying. I love every minute of being an indie author.

What do you think? Is it possible to be an indie author who only likes writing, and hates doing anything else?

For a quick video on the New Street Authors’ Group’s launch night, click here

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