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New psychological thriller coming!

When I told you recently about my new book coming out – Estella’s Revenge – some of you may have been wondering: ‘Is this the end of Barbara’s psychological thrillers?’

Well, I’m so happy to announce that…I’ve just signed a new contract with Bookouture. And that can only mean one thing – a new psychological thriller!

Commissioning Editor Maisie Lawrence has acquired World All Languages rights on the new psychological thriller, publishing in 2025. A group of old friends gather for a party in a villa in Spain, but it all goes wrong when the birthday girl is found dead. Did one of them kill her, and who will be next? 

Maisie says: ‘As soon as Barbara told me about her idea for a psychological thriller with such a stunning setting and killer hook, I was incredibly keen to publish it! I love her exceedingly twisty plans for the characters and I can’t wait to be swept away to the villa where it will all go wrong. I’ve so enjoyed working with Barbara already and I couldn’t be more honoured to publish this new book with her. Barbara’s many fans adore her ability to craft unputdownable stories and to throw in a last OMG twist. I can’t wait!’

Maisie has been so enthusiastic from the moment she heard my idea, and her support has been wonderful. I’m really looking forward to working with her – I’m certain we’ll make a great team.

It’s so exciting to be back under Bookouture’s wing for my new psychological thriller. I know Summer 2025 is a long time to wait, but I promise it’s going to be a great holiday read!

Can’t wait that long? Don’t forget that Estella’s Revenge is coming out on 9 May this year, and is available for preordernow. It’s a richly-layered Gothic historical fiction set in the first half of the 1800s, and features my usual mix of twisted characters, manipulation and dark deeds.

Here’s the description for you:

You know Miss Havisham.

The world’s most famous jilted bride.

This is her daughter’s story.

Raised in the darkness of Satis House where the clocks never tick, the beautiful Estella is bred to hate men and to keep her heart cold as the grave.

She knows she doesn’t feel things quite like other people do but is this just the result of her strange upbringing?

As she watches the brutal treatment of women around her, hatred hardens into a core of vengeance and when she finds herself married to the abusive Drummle, she is forced to make a deadly choice:

Should she embrace the darkness within her and exact her revenge?

Estella’s Revenge is a stunningly original, gripping Gothic read, perfect for fans of Stacey Halls, Eve Chase and Jessie Burton.


Estella’s Revenge, by Barbara Havelocke.

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