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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

Never give up on your writing dream! Get ready for #SetbackComeback advice from bestselling authors

Following on from yesterday’s post, WANT TO WRITE A BOOK? HERE’S MY ADVICE!, I’m starting a series called #SetbackComeback showing how tenacity is almost as important as talent in the writing game – so never give up on your dreams. Some fabulous, hugely successful authors are joining me to share their stories of their long and winding road to publication and beyond…because even once you’ve got your debut publishing deal, the path doesn’t always run smooth.

That doesn’t mean even greater success isn’t hiding just around the corner, though. Don’t believe me? Look at Angela Marsons, author of the incredible DI Kim Stone series. For 25 years her work was rejected by agents and publishers, and just at the point where she was about to give up, she got a publishing deal that has led to over 4 MILLION copies sold worldwide.

How about Matt Haig, who only the other day tweeted this: Two decades ago I nearly took my own life and knew I was going to give up. One decade ago I got dropped by my publisher and was told to give up. Today I get to share a trailer of a film based on one of my books. (Don’t give up.) Now that is an incredible illustration of how far it’s possible to fall and bounce back.

Alternatively, think about The Queen’s Gambit, a novel by Walter Tevis, which has now become one of the biggest hits Netflix has EVER had. It took 30 years, eight different directors, and nine rewrites before it finally happened, though, with no end of ‘almost but not quite’ moments.

All those success stories have one thing in common (well, two, because let’s not discount talent) – and that’s tenacity. So join me tomorrow for the start of #SetbackComeback and prepare to be inspired!

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