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Nerves, horse’s heads & looming publication day… #The DarkestLies #writerslife

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‘Only six more sleeps to go until the world discovers the shocking truth about The Darkest Lies…’ 

There are only six days left until The Darkest Lies is published. Not that I’m counting or anything. Forget that, I’m totally counting. In fact, I feel like a kid at Christmas, and every single day that goes by brings me another sleep closer to my big day. My very talented partner, Paul, has taken the incredible cover that Bookouture created, and made a countdown video for me which I’ve posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and which I love to watch because it makes it seem more real.


This is the third time I’ve published a book. By now, I should be a bit blasé about the whole thing. Instead, I think I’m more nervous than ever. With each release it feels as though the stakes are higher. The first time, with INVISIBLE, I was nervous and excited, but ultimately I had no expectations. If I sold more than six copies (including the one I bought myself) I’d be happy. I was more nervous with FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD because I was scared that the people who had liked Invisible wouldn’t like this new one as much. Now, with The Darkest Lies about to be published, I’m reaching an even bigger audience. In fact, for the first time ever, I’ve become a bestseller in America purely on pre-orders alone. The Darkest Lies is Number 13 in Hot New Releases and Number 85 in Psychological Fiction. Woo hoo! And eek!

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Fingers crossed they like what they read when The Darkest Lies is delivered to their Kindles, Kobos, iPads, and all manner of other eReaders on Friday. Although I am as excited as a child at Christmas, I’m also a bit nervous about what’s hiding inside the metaphorical gift – it could be the best thing ever…or a horse’s head. Fingers crossed for the former! Early readers do seem to be enjoying it though, which is easing my nerves. Phrases such as ‘absolutely jaw-dropping’ (Nicki’s Life of Crime) and ‘dark, compelling and unforgettable’ (Brew and Books Review) are being used, which is all of my dreams come true, to be honest. Only six more sleeps to go until the world discovers the shocking truth about The Darkest Lies…

*If you’d like to pre-order THE DARKEST LIES it’s only 99p right now. Click here

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