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Life in the writing cave #writerslife #amwriting #amediting

How the heck have I managed to write four books?

Things are suspiciously quiet at the Copperthwaite writing cave. The only thing coming from it is the sound of furious typing (and, inevitably, the sound of me eating cake and gently swearing as I drop a crumb that has to be winkled from beneath a key). I’ve had my head down for the last few weeks, trying to catch up after lagging behind on things. And finally I feel like I’m making progress!

I’m writing my fifth book at the moment, and have been busy plotting, planning, rewriting bits that don’t work, adding in more twists and turns, and having fun with farm implements. Yep, you read right, farm implements. I’ve really been letting my imagination run wild!

Yesterday I sent the proofs of my fourth book off, which was an incredible feeling. How the heck have I managed to write four books? Every time I reach this stage with a book, I feel as though it is someone else’s work; as though I have written it in my sleep, or during some kind of out of body experience. I think that is possibly why many authors talk in terms of their book being their baby – writing is a little like giving birth, because the experience is so painful we block it out and tell ourselves it wasn’t that bad really 😉

In blogging news, I was really honoured to be mentioned on Mrs Bloggs’ Books’ #20BooksofSummer As well as The Darkest Lies, there are some wonderful books on the list, so do check it out – Mrs Bloggs has a fabulous summer of reading ahead of her! To read her post in full, click here

And finally, today the lovely author Jane Cable is being interview on Jen Med’s Book Reviews. She shares the books that have influenced her since childhood, her strange crush on a fictional character (read it to believe it!) and so much more. And nestled in among all those fabulous books, is Invisible.

‘I was completely gripped and continually chilled by this brilliantly drawn story,’ says Jane. How lovely!

To read Jane’s brilliant interview in full, head over to Jen Med’s Book Reviews by clicking here.

Thanks for reading my catch up. What have you been up to this week? x

The Darkest Lies FINAL
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