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Bestselling domestic noir thriller Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite
“An absolutely gripping read, and quite unforgettable.”

From the start, there were tears in my eyes. You know it’s going to be a good review when it kicks off with: “Flowers For The Dead was one of my books of the year for 2015 – it’s barely March, but I think I’ve found a book for my 2016 list with Invisible.”

Wow. Does it get better than that?

But it did.

The wonderful book blog, Being Anne, is run by Anne Williams, and last year she bowled me over with her review of Flowers For The Dead (to read it, click here). She was doing the same again with her thoughts on Invisible.

“The insights into the plight of an innocent victim – of the most unexpected kind – are quite all-consuming. I lived and breathed this book for as long as I read it – and in the times I had to put it down, it occupied my every waking thought. The writing is simply excellent – it’s a book you feel and experience at your core through the narrator’s clear and distinctive voice,” Anne wrote.

It’s an author’s dream to be able to not only write a gripping story, but one that makes the reader FEEL what the characters are going through. To hear I’ve done that for someone is…well, I’m lost for words, and given I’m a writer, that takes a lot!

Anne went on to say Invisible was “a totally gripping read that changed quite a few of my previous perceptions about victims, punishment, friendship and love, and the way in which human beings can behave so dreadfully to each other.”

I had to take a little moment, then, to wipe my face and hope my eyes stopped blurring with tears so that I could read on.

“The descriptions – some of them only small touches like a mouthed endearment, a look in the eyes or a facial expression – are so vivid that they’re absolutely real, and totally chilling,” she wrote.

“I knew Barbara Copperthwaite wrote superbly, but I really wasn’t expecting this – an absolutely gripping read, and quite unforgettable.”

Incredible words that I truly hope my book lives up to.  Anne also mentions that Invisible “brought tears to my eyes” and I can honestly say that her review did the same for me.

Huge thanks to Anne for taking the time to read and review my book. To read the review in full, please click here.

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