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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

‘Intelligent, character-driven, gritty and gripping’ YOU DON’T KNOW ME, by Imran M

You Don’t Know Me, by Imran Mahmood, is intelligent, character-driven, gritty and gripping – but at it’s heart is a love story that felt so real. I listened to the audiobook, and the narration by the exceptionally talented Adam Deacon was absolutely perfect; he brought the story to life and completely embodied the main character.

Just listen to/read the opening and I challenge you not to get sucked in by it. I certainly did – and as a result, the dogs got a good long walk, as I didn’t want to stop!

Essentially, the story is a monologue from an unnamed defendant giving his own closing speech in a trial where he’s accused of murder. It’s a last ditch attempt to get the jury on his side because things aren’t looking good… What follows is a moving, fast-paced account of life where knowing people in gangs is normal, but doesn’t mean you’re part of it; where being on first name terms with drug dealers just means you went to school with them. It’s hard not to get sucked into that life, though…

There are plenty of shocks, red herrings, twists, turns, and humour along the way, but is the accused innocent or guilty? That’s up to you. It’s a story about ethics, prejudice, and how far you’d be willing to go in a difficult situation; it’s a story that makes you question where the line of right and wrong is. This is a must-read, and I can’t wait to read .


A young man stands accused of murder. The evidence is overwhelming.

But at his trial, this man tells an extraordinary story.

It is about the woman he loves, who got into terrible trouble. It’s about how he risked everything to save her.

He swears he’s innocent. But in the end, all that matters is this: do you believe him?

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