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‘If I was alone on the planet, I’d still write.’ Crime thriller author JAKE CROSS shares

Crime authors spill their guts about writing…

This week: JAKE CROSS

Typing THE END is more like an announcement that it’s time to get into the hard work. Editing is also tough. Jake Cross

Tell us about yourself…

I have three kids, one laptop, one Xbox, one Netflix subscription, and that’s all I need. I’ve been in the same dead-end job for over fifteen years. I love watching and following the MMA world, primarily the UFC. At one time I wanted to try the MMA thing myself, but my knees will have none of it.

How do you go about plotting your book?

I plot in my head originally. I have many ideas for novels, but not enough time to write them all. Some are based on an idea for a start, or an ending, or a set of middle-scenes, or because I know it’ll involve pleasant research. Over time, various ideas for scenes or twists pop up, for different stories, and I’ll jot these rough notes down in notepads or capture something on my phone’s voice recorder. Basically it’s a case of one novel eventually standing out from the crowd because I have enough of a plot that I feel I can begin. So I go with that one.

How long does your first draft take you?

It can be years from first word to last, because usually when I decide to write a novel, I bash out the first page or two, just so there’s [TO READ ON, CLICK HERE]

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