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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

I was seeing things, right?

Instant bestseller Flowers For The Dead, by Barbara Copperthwaite

Flowers for the Dead was an instant chart topper

Eating too much cake, chocolate, and all manner of rich food, and frankly, having a glass or two of alcohol for several days running, was clearly starting to take its toll by 28 December. I woke up, feeling a little groggy after another night sleeping on an air mattress whilst visiting my mum, and checked my Kindle sales.

Err, well, that couldn’t be right, it was only 8.30am, but it was already registering over 700 sales for the day. I refreshed the page. It said the same.

Huh, must be a glitch.

So I went to the main Amazon site and checked my sales ranking. Oh. My. Goodness. Flowers For The Dead was Number 1 in Amazon’s Movers & Shakers chart!

I rubbed my eyes. That’s not a poor, unimaginative piece of writing, it’s what I literally did. My book was at Number 3 on the bestsellers’ list for Murder, and Number 4 for both the Psychological Fiction, and Crime, Thrillers & Mystery Series charts. Amazing!

What’s more, I realised I’d achieved one of my ambitions in life – I had entered Amazon’s Top 100 Kindle Bestsellers. Not only that, I was at Number 24!

It took a moment to sink in. Amazon sells over 2 million Kindle books. Out of all of those books, mine was the 24th most popular – 24th out of 2 million plus books. Blimey…

Why had this happened? Because Amazon had chosen Flowers For The Dead as one of their 12 Books of Christmas. Now that is a pretty fabulous Christmas present for me!

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