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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

‘I had trouble putting it down!’ Kelly’s Thoughts & Ramblings reviews INVISIBL

‘What an exciting book!’

I’m so proud of the fact that, over three years after publication, INVISIBLE is still being discovered by new readers. The latest wonderful review is from a lovely blog called Kelly’s Thoughts & Ramblings.

‘What an exciting book!’ Kelly writes, adding that ‘it certainly made me think about consequences I might never before have considered.’

In fact, she enjoyed INVISIBLE so much that she is planning the read THE DARKEST LIES (she already whizzed through FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD and loved it!).

To read Kelly’s brilliant review in full, please click here.

Invisible is currently Number 5 in Noir in the USA, as well as being a genre bestseller in Canada and the UK. Not bad for three-year-old novel, eh?!

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