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‘Hooked from the opening pages’ #bookreview of HER LAST SECRET via @boombaby13

‘Great gritty and dark psychological thriller’

Another early review is in for HER LAST SECRET, this time from Carrie’s Book Reviews, and it’s a thumbs up again! Carrie says she was ‘entranced’ by the tale, and gave it five stars.

It’s still very early days, with the book not being published until Friday 13th October (lucky for you, unlucky for the Thomas family) but so far there’s been such a wonderful response to it. Long may it continue!

Carrie’s love of reading started thanks to her grandmother. On her blog’s ‘About Me’ section, she shares a beautiful family story…

‘Our local library had only one requirement, you had to be able to sign your own name to sign your card. My grandmother taught me to do just that when I was only 3 years old so I could begin to check out my own books as she was always an avid reader herself and wanted to pass on the enjoyment of a good book to me,’ writes Carrie. ‘We would visit together every couple of weeks and each come home with our own stack of books. I’m sure she’s smiling down on me every time I pick up a book to read to this day.’

Carrie was inspired to start her blog when she realised the difference reviews make to people. ‘It helps so much to know what others have thought so I really thought I should begin writing my own reviews, so here we are,’ she explains.

So what did she think of Her Last Secret? She describes it as: ‘a trainwreck that you can’t take your eyes away from until you know all of the truth, and I stayed completely entranced until that moment came.

‘Great gritty and dark psychological thriller that had me hooked from the opening pages, and would certainly recommend checking this one out.’

To read the review in full, or to find other great book recommendations from Carrie’s Book Blog, click here.

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