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Hold the front page!

Best selling crime author Barbara Copperthwaite, the new fiction reviewer for Inside Crime magazine

I’m the new columnist in a fabulous magazine!

If you take a peek at Chat’s Inside Crime magazine, you might just see…me! I’m very proud to say that I am a columnist for the mag, and will be found in every issue recommending the best crime fiction to hit the shelves!

Inside Crime is the latest in Chat magazine’s Real Life Special series, and offers a fascinating look into the world of crime. It features first-hand accounts of some of the most notorious crimes in recent history, as well as examining the mind-set of offenders. A range of professionals within the criminal justice system – such as police, forensic scientists, and psychologists – provide a unique insight into the investigation and prosecution of perpetrators. There are also practical hints and tips on how readers can stay safe.

And joining their panel of experts is…me! Who better than a best-selling crime novelist to review the latest bloody, chilling, and terrifying books to come out? What’s particularly lovely is that around 17 years ago, I got my first job on a national magazine – on Chat. I spent four years there, interviewing people who had suffered terrible crimes themselves, or lost loved ones to violence. Their incredible stories are what inspire me to keep writing today, this time as a novelist. It seems rather wonderful that my own story has come full circle, and I’m once again writing for Chat.

The first issue of Chat’s Inside Crime is out today, 4 February! Do check it out and let me know what you think!

Best selling crime author Barbara Copperthwaite recommends the best crime fiction in Inside Crime

Every issue, I’ll be recommending the best new crime & thriller releases

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