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GIVEAWAY! Running Free, by Richard Askwith

Running Free

A love letter to running, with a glorious Northamptonshire countryside as a backdrop, Running Free, by Richard Askwith is both eloquent and inspiring.

Previously, Askwith was a self-confessed ‘kit’ fan, needing the latest equipment in order to feel he was pushing himself in his training. This book is about how he stripped it back to the bare essentials, and in the process felt closer to nature in its raw form. From running through muddy fields and up rocky fells, running with his dog at dawn, and running because he’s being (voluntarily) chased by a pack of bloodhounds, to running to get hopelessly, enjoyably lost, running fast for the sheer thrill of it… Whilst running as nature intended, he is also observing wildlife and celebrating the joys of nature.


Love the sound of this book? You could win it and others in a giveaway running on

The books  were all shortlisted for the Thwaites Wainwright Prize 2015, an annual award that showcases the best books in UK nature and travel writing. Celebrating the legacy of renowned British nature writer Alfred Wainwright, the prize reflects his core values of inspiring people to explore the outdoors, whilst engendering a love of landscape and respect for nature.


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